Includes a Quartz Clock and Comfort Meter in a Re-Usable Gift Box. Our Quality Gift Box


"I wanted to say thanks for putting out such an excellent product. The design and quality are outstanding!"
Jeremy B. - Maryland
"I recently received the Master Mariner clock and comfort meter. I loved the look and design of both. Also, the quality of construction is great, while the price is unbeatable for comparable instruments."
Carl C. - Illinois


Customize Your Gift Sets! Select a Dial Face & Instrument Case.

The 5.75″ Diameter Cabin Gift Set Options
Only $189.95

GHCE 5040
GHCE 5040
Navy Blue Flag Cabin
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GHCE 5051
GHCE 5051
White Nautical Flag Cabin
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GHCE 5073
GHCE 5073
White Dial Cabin
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The 5.85″ Diameter Windlass Gift Set Options
Only $199.95

GWCE 5040
GWCE 5040
Navy Blue Flag Windlass
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GWCE 5051
GWCE 5051
White Nautical Flag Windlass
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GWCE 5062
GWCE 5062
American Flag Yacht Windlass
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Warranty?
Mariner protects our customers with two separate warranties:
  • Our 30-Day No Question Warranty is simply that. For any reason you do not want to keep the instruments you purchased, simply fill out the RA form below and once an RA # is issued via email to you, follow the instructions for return. Easy!
  • Our Limited 1 year warranty allows you to return instrument gift sets for repair or replacement. If you have a question about your product or if you wish to initiate a return you can email our staff at If we can't solve your problem we will send you an RA form. Once you have been issued the Return Authorization, we will advise how and where to ship the product back to us. Product MUST be returned to our warehouse for a proper refund. Product shipped to our offices will be returned.
  • To contact Master-Mariner by phone: 773.489.7350. To contact Master-Mariner via mail: 1102 N. Wolcott Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60622
Can the instrument be used outdoors?
Master-Mariner does not warranty our product against direct weather exposure i.e. direct rain or snow or seawater. We suggest you mount your instruments in an area that is sheltered against the elements. On your patio, you may find a nice roof overhang to shield your new instruments from direct weather. On your boat, below decks is preferred to outside, or if mounted on an outside deck area, under shelter.

We also suggest, for greater accuracy, to mount the instruments out of direct sunlight or your Master-Mariner thermometer may read a higher temperature than the actual ambient temperature.
How much do the instruments weigh?
The Windlass Set instruments weigh approximately 22 ounces each and the Cabin Set instruments weigh 18 ounces each.
What if we break our mounting T-bar?
Master-Mariner provides an extra T-bar in every Gift box set, or three T-Bars for two instruments! We understand anyone can make a mistake. For this same reason we provide extra screws in your gift box. In the future, we will have T-Bars available for purchase on our website.
How do I know my hygrometer and thermometer are accurate?
Master-Mariner uses the very highest quality coil spring hygrometer and thermometer movements in our products. Please refer to our product service page to test and calibrate your instruments.
What if we want our Windlass or Cabin Sets to display on a desk or mantel?
Master-Mariner offers single and double hardwood cradles for your Gift Sets.  These are constructed American Walnut or American Pecan in 3 different finishes. We also have hardwood wall plaques in attractive finishes to match your home or boat.
Is the Gift Box real leather?
No. Master-Mariner does not harm any animals to produce our product line. Our wood cradles are also not real mahogany to comply with the CITES agreement on endangered wood species.
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